Quality Improvement

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  • Published : January 15, 2007
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Quality Improvement
Jolene Williams
University of Phoenix

Quality Improvement
The equipment department of Washington Group International has a large task of purchasing, maintaining, tracking, transporting and selling of all large company equipment of more than $5,000. While all of these processes are manual intensive and can be improved upon, this paper will address the maintenance process. Included with a "As-Is" flow chart will be a process relationship, customer impact, key items to be monitored, helpful quality management tools, and opportunities for improvement. Finally, proposed improvements, level of improvement, and relevance to UOP simulation will be discussed. Description

Currently, the maintenance process of Washington Group Internationals equipment department is in a reactive mode and would like to be in a predictive mode. The reactive mode consists of a piece of equipment breaking or having a part wear out and then a series of events being set in motion to get the equipment back operational. In the mean time, a scramble is taking place to get a replacement for the equipment to the job site to keep the job schedule on time. A reactive mode is stressful and costly. Many times the equipment breaks down due to a lack of proper maintenance.

Process Relationship
"Relative to Performance, The Washington Way means a single, consistent and company-wide approach to project execution that achieves operational excellence through cost and schedule control, quality, efficiency, safety, productivity and application of best in class processes and procedures." (Washington Group International, 2006) According to the "Washington Way", the equipment maintenance process does not support the performance section of the strategic plan. By the costly reactive mode of the maintenance process, Washington Group International must find other means to keep costs down and stay on schedule. Customer Impact

The equipment department of Washington Group...
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