Quality Function Deployment

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Quality Function Deployment of Custom Orientation Stabilization Integrated Systems

September 23, 2012

The purpose of this paper is to present a description of the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) process with respect to the development of an alternative means of multi-axis orientation stabilization. The intention is to discuss the quality control process of choosing the "best" components for the system, and meeting customer requirements before, during, and after product delivery. There will be an exploration of the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) process that pertains to the systems integration design, manufacture, and delivery process, from the user’s ultimate perspective.

The interactions of the various components must be defined by the desired specifications, modeled, and analyzed to produce the optimal setup that meets the respective performance requirements of the user, while following along with the QFD process strategy. The focus will be on the House Of Quality (HOQ), described within. A related discussion will be the determination of the viability and functionality of designing a system capable of efficiently counteracting axial orientation wobbling; but this is the byproduct of the properly employed functional Quality process. Ultimately, the discussed Quality process allows the user to efficiently and subjectively determine the best engineering trade-offs related to a particular configuration’s cost and performance within their required conditions and control limitations, determined by employment of Voice Of the Customer (VOC) sub-processes.

Table of Contentsiii
Quality Process1
Product Purpose and Environment2
House Of Quality3
Meeting Customer Requirements and Efficiency5
Phases of QFD6
User-Defined Requirements7
Meeting the Customer Requirements8
Recommendations for the Customer (VOC)10
Future Work on this Subject Matter11

Quality Process
There are efficient methods to meet customer requirements in any product delivery, and also capture data for successive and similar processes to improve future ventures. Various means of delivering an end-product to the customer exist, some more or less efficient than others. The basic structure involves: 1.Determining customer needs, requirements, and desires, in a prioritized delineation such that these characteristics can be independently added or removed based on performance and cost analyses. 2.Analyze efficient means of integrating system components prior to committing to a manufacturing process. 3.Analyze the manufacturing process and capture data to assist with process improvement. 4.Deliver the product and verify customer satisfaction based on required specifications.

In the arena of Multi-axis Orientation Stabilization, this basic delivery structure can be used and expanded upon using development tools such as the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) process. QFD is defined as: “a system for translating consumer requirements into appropriate company requirements at each stage from research and development to engineering and manufacturing to marketing/sales and distribution”. (Madu, 2006) Regarding Orientation Stabilization Systems, it is more efficient and cost-effective to analyze, measure, and design an integrated system using Consumer Of The Shelf (COTS) components, that will stay within "variable" user-defined control limits of response time. “Response time” plainly refers to the response and sensitivity of the stabilization system’s inputs/outputs.

The front-end of the QFD process operates as such:
1.Gather the VOC
2.Analyze the VOC
3.Define Customer Prioritized Need
4.Validate Customer Needs
5.Begin the House of Quality (HOQ) work
(Ficalora, 2009)

Product Purpose and Environment...
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