Quality Education in the Philippines

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A. Overview

What is good quality education? What is the use of this to our daily lives? What will the effects be on our future? These are but just a few questions that run through our mind when we think of what education is. Education, for many, is the forefront in building our future; it gives us the power of knowledge that helps us cope up with the different steps in our lives. Some think of it as a mere process to gain access to monetary security and better life, but this is not mere education should be. “It is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and lays a foundation for sustained economic growth.” (2008)

In my own words, education is merely a step to make us grow in all aspects of life, but useless without the proper guidance provided by the teachers and administrators and the given teaching aids used today. Good Quality education is a given name to those that have the complete or necessary requirements in having a good atmosphere for learning and proper growth. Schools should have the goal to achieve this good quality education and garner more merits and more students. They should teach them by teaching them sing the new and effective methods rather than what we see in the old days.

Education is not necessarily good at first, it takes years of service and practice to achieve this kind of excellence just as UST surpassed other institutions in this field. The effects of this kind of education can be seen through their fine work on students and the respect and love that they give on each one. It is through this kind of education that spawns great men of the past. This will lead us to more lucrative jobs and better lives. This will determine our fate in this cruel world. “Education makes man a right thinker. It tells man how to think and how to make decision” Khan (2008). Teachers are the drivers of this future that we want. We can see their fruits of labor on the people that they have produced. One such example is Jose Rizal; he did not like the quality of education in the Philippines that is why he went abroad. He garnered intellectual fame through his wit and possession of good quality education.

So now I ask you, is education really only for those who want the finer things in life or is it also about the knowledge that we receive? This will now depend on the basis of our foundation as human people. I believe that to attain good quality education: we must push through the very thought of money and consider the power of knowledge, for if there is n power, then there will certainly be no knowledge. ”The modern world in which we live is often termed a "knowledge society"; education and information have become production factors potentially more valuable than labor and capital” (2008).

B. Research Aims

This paper aims to:
1. discuss the reasons why we are lacking in teachers 2. discuss the similarity and difference of public from private schools 3. discuss the difference of a normal college program from a ladderized program 4. discuss ways on how to promote values, peace, and order inside the classroom 5. discuss how to make the class active through proper motivation

C. Research Questions
The proponent intends to provide answers to the following questions: 1. Why are we lacking in teachers?
2. What are the similarities of public and private schools? 3. What are the differences of public and private schools? 4. How to promote effectively values, peace, and order inside a classroom? 5. How is motivation a key to having an active class? 6. What is a Ladderized program?

7. What is its difference with the normal college educational program? CHAPTER 2
A. Principle/s of Organization
Cause and effect
Is a form of analysis that examines the causes and...
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