Quality Education and Faculty Turnover Rate Perspective on Private University of Bangladesh.

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Quality Education and faculty turnover rate perspective on private university of Bangladesh.

Quality Education and faculty turnover rate perspective on private university of Bangladesh.

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Abstract: Private Universities are playing a significant role in the study & learning section of Bangladesh.

1.1 Background
At present there are 88 public and private universities in Bangladesh. The numbers of public universities are 31 while private universities are 54. The first public university is The University of Dhaka, established in 1921. The establishment of private university is relatively a new phenomenon in this country. In early 1990s, private sector came forward to establish universities. Since then country experienced a spectacular growth in private universities– they were mostly in and around Dhaka.

After deregulation program, private sector participation is increasing significantly in Bangladesh, especially in some area of service sector. As a reform initiative of public sector management, government shifted its policy in early 1990s in higher education sector. This program makes a pressure to public university and creates a competitive environment in country higher education. Though 88 universities are (including National University and Open University) providing higher education but it is widely saying that the quality of higher education has declined steadily. Public university is the best options of the students for higher education and then comes private university. With a few exceptions, public universities are failing to meet the market demand and suffering from low governance. Private university emerged as an alternative to cope up with the expanded demand of higher education. Only a few of them are maintaining standard but a huge allegation are being raised against the rests.

It was hoped that Higher Education Quality (HEQ) will be ensured with the competition of both the sectors. But it is commonly saying that the quality of higher education is declining rapidly, in some areas quite alarmingly. According to academicians, researchers, various committee (UGCled High Powered Committee, 2003) or commissions report (UGC, PSC), newspapers report and public perception, are the quality of education of the private university is deteriorating sharply.

Bundle of allegations are there against them; universities are being blamed for making higher education toy and degrees are easy-to-get. Job providers are also raising the same question. It is commonly saying that Private universities are commercializing higher education rather than providing service. Even these institutions don’t bother to maintain or abide respective Law and guidelines also. On the other side, some other research showed, of some private higher educational institutions are providing quality education and their degrees at international standard. In this context, this study has been initiated to explore the quality of education of private universities that are provided by them. In this study, teacher’s quality, Teacher turnover factor and infrastructure facilities will be analyzed to explore the quality of education in Private Universities. To conduct the study six private universities have taken by using specific criteria. Primary data have been collected from questionnaire survey and interview. There are also secondary source was used. In this context, an attempt has taken to explore the quality of education of private universities in broad perspective. Within this broader area, study will explore the teaching quality, faculty turnover rate, faculty motivation level, research activities, and library, classroom and campus facilities. With these issues, we tried to search the employability and recognition of the degree.

1.2 Illustration
With the expansion of education facilities in secondary and higher secondary level the demand for higher education have increased dramatically in recent years. Public...
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