Quality Costs for Consideration

Topics: Quality control, Management, Quality assurance Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: February 18, 2013

TO: Management
FROM: Anonymous
Re: Quality costs for consideration
Date: February 7, 2012
Our firm is the producer of tangible products. We, as a company, must ensure that we are delivering the highest quality products to our customers to maintain a quality reputation and in order to earn repeat and referral business. We have identified the three types of costs associated with the implementation of quality considerations. We believe that if we are mindful of the following costs our quality will improve, our customer satisfaction will improve and our business will prosper. The three types of costs associated with quality considerations are prevention costs, appraisal costs, internal and external failure costs. Prevention costs are the most effective way to avoid unnecessary problems with production and sales quality. These costs are defined as any steps we as a company can take to pre-emptively avoid any future defects by providing our employees with things such as, proper tools to complete their assigned work, safe and proper working conditions, proper and effective training of all new employees and continual training and education for all existing employees, and by implementing quality control systems to ensure all products produced are up to the company’s and customer’s quality standards. Appraisal costs are the costs associated with the testing and inspection of purchased materials used in the productions process, inspection of the items the company is producing, checking items produced for conformance, quality control audits and field testing of items produced and the cost of the labor associated with all of these items. These costs are ultimately the quality costs resulting from quality control and while they may be high in numbers but are imperative during the manufacturing and production processes. Internal failure costs are the costs that we would incur should we fail to meet the quality standards of the...
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