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ontIKEA Supplier Quality Assurance Program
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IKEA Supplier Quality Assurance Group

IKEA Quality Competence Network



Table of Content 0. Introduction 1. Start-Up Process 2. Receiving Inspection 3. Production Assurance 4. Final Inspection 5. Document and Sample Control 6. Quality Development A. Facilities B. Non-Conformances C. Measuring Equipment D. Status of Goods E. Traceability Appendixes 1. Process Control Requirement - Gluing 2. Process Control Requirement – Surface Treatment Roller Coating UV 3. Process Control Requirement – Surface Treatment Spraying Waterborne Lacquer

Customer expectations (CEPQ) including requirements specified in the IKEA product documentation shall be fulfilled in order to consider the article satisfactory and fulfilling all IKEA demands. Level 1 - QMUST Before 1st delivery, The IKEA Supplier must implement and comply with the entry-level requirements – QMUST. Final Inspection (chapter 4) Test-status Summary (clause 1.10) Process Control (see clause 3.3) Traceability (see chapter E) Action plan to achieve Level 2 – QWAY For description of requirements related to QMUST, see clauses in this standard marked with . Level 2 - QWAY IKEA supplier shall, from 1st delivery date and within an agreed time frame, implement and comply with the minimum requirements – QWAY Start-up Process (chapter 1) Receiving Inspection (chapter 2) Final Inspection (chapter 4) Document and Sample Control (chapter 5) For description of requirements related to QWAY, see chapters in this standard marked with . Level 3 – 4SIP For supplier with the ambition to further develop its quality system. Related requirements are stated in this standard and are marked with . Level 4 – ISO 9001 + 4SIP -

IKEA Quality Staircase Model IKEA Quality Staircase Model defines a 4-step approach, aimed at improving the Suppliers overall performance in Quality, with focus on securing CEPQ (Customer Experienced Product Quality) Level

Entry-level requirements

Minimum requirements

Fulfilment of IKEA level 3 standard

Fulfilment of official standards. 3rd party certificate

IKEA Quality Staircase Model
Supplier Inspection Program

ISO 9001 + 4SIP

Management Commitment It is required and a prerequisite, that the implementation of the IKEA Quality Staircase Model is well founded and committed by the Suppliers management and that the IKEA Quality Staircase Model will be integrated in the suppliers existing Quality system. Customer Experienced Product Quality

Customer Experienced Product Quality (CEPQ) is the IKEA concept to describe the customer's expectations on the product and within what areas the customer experience and assess the quality of the product. The areas are:

IKEA Supplier Quality Assurance Program Page 1 of 6

IKEA Supplier Quality Assurance Program

1.1 General The IKEA Supplier shall ensure implementation of IKEA product requirements and secure customer experienced product quality, for new as well as modified products, before start-up of running production. The IKEA Supplier shall implement a documented procedure for the start-up process which shall secure compliance with requirements in clauses 1.2 to 1.10. 1.2 Responsibility The IKEA Supplier shall appoint responsible and authorised person(s) for all activities in the start-up process. 1.3 Quotation The IKEA supplier shall have a procedure, defining the work with IKEA quotation. The quotation procedure shall cover: Review of IKEA Quotation Request Capacity/Capability Study Quotation Answer (in written form describing what the quotation is based upon) 1.4 Review of Requirements and Conditions

1.6 Product Changes The IKEA Supplier shall have a procedure describing how to handle changes initiated by IKEA or Supplier. Changes shall be approved by IKEA in written form. 1.7 Start-up of Running Production The IKEA Supplier...
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