Quality Compliance at the Hawthorn Arms

Topics: Cathode ray tube, Germany, Hungary Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Quality Compliance at the Hawthorn Arms
1. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each of the three candidates. The first candidate, Marie Erten-Loiseau:
* Strengths:
1. Marie Erten-Loiseau was brought up in France and educated in France and German, which begs the possibility that she is quite fluent in not only French, but German as well. 2. Her keen knowledge of these two geographical areas could prove as a great asset to the position, as there is some traveling in both places. 3. Mrs. Erten-Loiseau has worked for Trianon for 13 years, and may be familiar with some of the processes and procedures. 4. Her leadership skills, established by maintaining two projects with Trianon, show that she is able to multi task, and produce remarkable results under pressure. 5. With her work in Lodz, Poland and the Czech Republic, it proves that she is no stranger to continual production within new environments. * Weaknesses:

1. She is married, and her husband is semi-retired, with a child attending a University. So, she may not be interested in uprooting her family for a new position in Hungary. 2. She has no prior knowledge, or experience in the production of the scanner cathode ray tube.

The second candidate, Janos Gabor:
* Strengths:
1. Born in Hungary, and educated in Hungary, so, he is fluent in Hungarian. He would like to continue his work in Hungary. 2. He is the Senior Engineer for the production of the cathode ray tube. So, he has experience with scanner-cathode ray tube production and how to maintain a facility. 3. His family is reportedly very well connected with national government officials. His family’s relationship with government officials will prove to be a great asset in gaining much needed contracts. 4. Janos is single, so he will be more susceptible to traveling back and forth between France and Germany. * Weaknesses:

1. He just has only worked for Trianon for...
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