Quality Caring in Nursing

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8 Caring Factors of Nursing
Nurses are one of the largest groups of healthcare professionals. They can contribute to the positive and negative ways to a health care quality problem. The nurse has an intimate knowledge of the patient’s needs and they are continuously interacting with patients and their families. The patient and their family’s experiences and outcomes while in the hospital is highly influenced by the nursing care they received. In 2001, a report published by Dr. Claire Fagin of the University of Pennsylvania, states that some nurses and patients were concerned about their safety while staying in the hospital. Nurses were spending less time with the patients. The reduction in the amount of time professional nurses spend in direct patient care was the cause. There has been a growing use in unlicensed assistive staff in the mid 90’s. This helped contribute to the cause of the perception. Having a shortage of nurses also contributed to this problem. Nurses were unable to spend as much time with the patients and their families at the bedside listening to the patient’s and their family’s concerns. Nursing was a part of this as well as getting to know their families, educating them about their illnesses, and attending to their needs of comfort, support, and security. Due to the shortage of nurses they were focusing more in completing their tasks that are assigned to them and placing a lot of time in front of the computer charting what they have done. This became difficult for the patient and their families to get their needs met while in the hospital. In the U.S., a study of the quality of nursing care found significant variations of nursing. The rural or smaller community hospitals found to have poor ratings. Why did this occur? Shortage of nursing staff was for one. The large teaching hospitals with residents want to do more for the patient. They wanted to do some nursing tasks such as dressing changes, and treatments. This gave the nurse more of an opportunity to spend nurse more time at the bedside to meet the needs of the patient. Indicators, or measures, that specifically reflect nursing care are used to evaluate and demonstrate to the public how nursing contributes to the quality of healthcare recipients that are hospitalized. In the 1970s, Dr. Norma Lang developed a quality assessment tool to better assist with enhancing the knowledge of evidence based nursing. The American Nurses Association developed a study of nursing sensitive indicators for acute care. They developed a database using ten nursing quality indicators. Some of these indicators were a challenge, nursing still fell short. They were not able to “be with” the patient. This was the patient’s point of view. There is evidence that registered nurses spend less than half their work time in direct patient care . Although staffing may be a big factor in this report, there are other issues. Nurses may not be motivated, educationally prepared. Perhaps culture may contribute to nursing quality. Nurses are focusing on task completion, technical competence and documentation. This has curbed the process of being with the patient and listening to them in meeting their needs. Many would ask, “Why did he or she go into nursing if they need to be taught on how to be caring?” The truth is, they do care. And, they want to be with the patient and their families more. Nurses were so worried about getting their tasks completed before the end of their shift; otherwise, they will be questioned as to why it was not completed. Relationships and healthcare do go hand in hand. It is through a relationship that an individual can learn, live, work and grow. This begins in the earliest stages of life. The Quality Caring Model places relationships at the heart of the healthcare process. In 2007, a group of hospital and nursing administrators adopted a caring professional practice model. This model emphasized nursing and will help to...
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