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Quality Assurance Officer

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Quality Assurance Officer

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Market Research

Australia’s Economy
Queen Elizabeth 2 of England is the Head of State of Australia. The Queen lives in England, but she is represented by the Governor-General. She does not directly participate in running the Australia’s state affairs, but she has other roles such as being the commander in chief of the army, air force, and navy. She also signs papers that begin an election process, and papers that make a law official (Hobbs et al., 2008). Most of Australia’s population is concentrated in the southwest and southeast regions. Population within these regions is mainly concentrated in its capital cities. Australian population statistics report indicated that population density was 2.9 people per square kilometer, in June 2010, compared to 2.6 people per square kilometer in 2005 (Anderson, 2011). Reports also indicated that Australian Capital cities had the highest population density of 150 people per square kilometer, in June 2010. The city of Canberra had the largest population followed by Victoria with 24 people per square kilometer (Anderson, 2011). The Northern region had the lowest population density of 0.2 people per square kilometer. Low population density in the Northern Territory is as a result of its large arid and semiarid areas, distance from earlier settlements, and more recent settlements. Australia’s Capital cities and their population include Sydney (3,502,301), Melbourne (3,160,171), Brisbane (1,508,161), Perth (1,176,542), Gold Coast (376,533), Canberra (309,799), Newcastle (279,975), Central Coast (255,429), Wollongong (228,846), Geelong (130,194), Hobart (126,048), and Townsville (119,504) among other cities (Anderson, 2011). Australia’s economy is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. According to nominal GDP, it is ranked a 13th largest economy and the 17th according to GDP (PPP) (Anderson, 2011). Australia is rich in natural resources, therefore; most of the...

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