Quality Assurance and Assessment Professional Certificate

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Quality Assurance and Assessment Professional Certificate
Understand the purpose of assessment
2Understand why different forms of assessment are used for different types of learners 3Be able to produce assessment instruments
4Be able to follow procedures for the internal verification of assessment briefs Explain the reasons for assessing learners in terms of the benefits brought to the teaching and learning process. Describe various modes of assessment and the different methods that can be used to assess learners. Identify the various types of learner that may wish to access BTEC units, discuss the characteristics of each type of learner and explain which form of assessment would best suit each type of learner and why. Produce a range of assessment instruments for a variety of purposes including a project report for internal portfolio assessment, a practical test for demonstrating occupational skills and five examination questions for internal or external testing. In each case the assessment instrument should address one learning outcome, together with associated assessment criteria, from a unit of study taken from a discipline that is familiar to you. Perform an internal verification procedure for the assignment brief for the project report indicated above and produce a summary of the advantages of an effective internal verification system and the consequences of trying to assess without internal verification in place. Use an effective approach to study including research into the purpose, use and practice of assessment.

Use a range of relevant and accepted sources of information to produce the report.

Produce a well-structured report that uses relevant technical terms clearly and correctly.

Justify all conclusions and recommendations with evidence extracted from a range of valid concepts.

Produce the full report without assistance from others.

Demonstrate clear and effective thinking in the production of assignment briefs for a specific...
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