Quality and Leadership

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1. Analyse FIVE (5) relationships between leadership and quality in school. Give appropriate examples. (20 marks)

Leadership style as the manner a leader leads, which is reflected in some of the things head teachers do which include: how they communicate leadership, exercise power and authority and the effect these have on teachers and other school staff members. Based on the above definition, leadership style may be described as the way a leader influences his/her followers either by commanding or motivating them to achieve the set goals.

Next is leadership style is determined by what the head teacher does to motivate his/her subordinates to put in their best to accomplish the set school goals. He observes that some leaders set a higher value on task accomplishment while some, on maintaining good interpersonal relationship. A leader is spurred to embrace certain styles based on his/her underlying attributes and workplace goals. These styles, according to them, affect workplace environment and employees performance on the job. That is, the head teachers’ motives and the school’s aims influence the manner the head teachers run the school.

Apart from the fact that the head teacher knows what to do, he/she knows when, how, and the reason for doing it, the kind of changes that are likely to bring about improvement on pupils’ achievement and the implication for staff and pupils. In effect, the head teacher is expected to communicate expectations for the continual improvement of the instructional programme, engage in staff development activities and model commitment to school goals. It may therefore be argued that a head teacher, who does not engage in actions consistent with instructional leadership, has a wrong perspective of the school’s goals.

The most important thing to an organisation is the quality of its leadership, particularly the quality of the head teacher in a...
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