Qualities of a Successful Team

Pages: 3 (1129 words) Published: April 24, 2013

The sorts of qualities I think members generally need to make a team successful are motivation, dedication, integrity, enthusiasm, commitment and perseverance. A team player knows when to put aside the differences for the common good. They know how to align their actions with their values for a high level of integrity. Team member’s actions will reflect on their commitment to the group. Skills that will be considered important when working with a team are skills that can help the team progress, skills that probably nobody in the group are probably not good at doing. This would show that the member from that group is unique and that they are able to help their fellow members in a business or group’s thoughts and ideas by introducing new skills. Skills are also important when working for a team because for instance if someone was working in a business and they needed to experience in working in a restaurant they are probably going to need experience in customer services, and cooking/preparing meals. Formal Teams: a formal team is a team that has been brought together, either at work or just a group that has formed, the group is has been created for a specific reason. They are being recognised as a official team which are prepared to set up to perform a set task or group of tasks. An informal team is a team that have been brought together but they are less structured compared to a formal team, they come together when they want. They work when they feel like it as there is no clear structure of the aim of the task or on what they are planning on doing for their aims.

I have not experienced what it is like working with an informal group yet. But I have only worked with a formal team; I worked with a really big team when I was working in telesales, it was a permanent group, it was such a big group that I was unaware at times if new members were being introduced. But this did not stop us as a group, we managed to get on with the task set everyday, by coming up...
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