Qualities of a Strong Teenage Girl

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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Qualities of a Strong Teenage Girl

Being a teenage girl, I know what it is like to be let down, put down, and feel completely alone. But I also know what it takes to get back up, be courageous, and fight. One quality a teenage girl must have is courage. Courage to stand up for yourself and others. To succeed, a teenage girl must have smarts. Street smarts as well as book smarts are important. However, one quality that most teenage girls have is a carelessly open heart; letting anyone in that tries. These qualities of a teenage girl may lead her to heartbreak and emotional struggles, but overall can contribute to a successful life.

The first quality an adolescent girl must have to succeed, is courage. One reason for this quality is because girls in our society can be mean and nasty. They can say rude things behind the backs of others and they dismiss accountability. The teenage girls who have courage to confront these behaviors show integrity and leadership. Another reason why teenage girls need courage is to survive the sad and unexpected events life brings. When my grandma died recently, I was sad and felt all alone. I had the courage to help myself and my family. I made it through the difficult time and learned from that. One last reason teenage girls need courage is to step out of their comfort zone. They are able to take the risk to experience new things and explore more places and events. Having the courage to “stretch yourself" can be the path to great achievements. Teen girls are sometimes encouraged to be passive, to stick to themselves and to be quiet. But to do something that you believe in, to go beyond your comfort zone, and to attempt something challenging, takes courage. As you can see, a teenage girl needs courage to succeed socially as well as mentally and emotionally.

The second quality a teenage girl must have to succeed is intelligence. One reason they need this is to get farther in life. According to the United States Department of...
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