Qualities of a Manager

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Title:Qualities of a Successful Manager:
Literature Review & Personal Assessment

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Qualities of a successful manager

I have recently done some research with regards to what the essential criteria of successful management entails. It has come to my attention that these qualities differ from organisation to organisation depending on the type of business.

A major emphasis has been placed on the following qualities: emotional intelligence, integrity, decision making, charisma and respect ranked from most important to less important.

Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence has been defined as “being able to manage your own emotion and to manage your relationships with others” (Whetten and Cameron, 1998:119). Poskey, (Online) has also gone as far as to say that emotional intelligence is a set of competencies demonstrating the ability one has to recognise his or her behaviours, moods, and impulses, and manage them best according to the situation. Emotional intelligence recognises both the preconceived notion and clarity in management. Thinking abilities assist them to make the best decisions. There are five emotional intelligence competencies that are more often dealt with in the workplace. - Intuition and Empathy which deals more with management attentiveness of others’ feelings, needs and concerns. - Political Acumen and Social Skills which includes management expertise at including desirable responses from others. - Self-Awareness where management needs to assess themselves and recognise their own emotions, strengths, limits and capabilities and the effect it has on their surroundings. - Self-Regulation is crucial because this deals with their personal internal states and resources. It also handles the issues relating to honesty and integrity, taking responsibility, adapting to change and introduction of new ideas and concepts. - Self-Expectation and Motivation relates to managements own persistence in guiding them to reach objectives regardless of the obstacles and hold-ups.

Integrity forms part of these five main qualities due to the fact that it basically means having no hidden agendas or doing as you said you would. Team members need to have confidence in their leader and by holding up your end of the bargain, promoting fairness and by being transparent all makes it much easier for your team to respect you and gain your trust.

Decision Making
Within the management process all organisations have to make decisions at one point or another for the best interest of the organisation. The decision making process is a collective and advice giving process that bears both advantages and disadvantages and would derive results and findings on the company’s overall development and projection. Decisions materialise from discussions and consultations. There is a lot to contest, investigate and conclude before any decisions can be soundly made.

It is said by Drucker, Mintzberg, George, Palmer, Kouzes, Posner, Kanter, Bennis, Nanus, Pfeffer, Quinn, Lencioni, McKenna, Maister, Sample, Caruso, Salovey, Smith and Lawler (2005:49) that management that demonstrates good charismatic qualities are granted a certain amount of respect and even awe by their followers, which increases the bond of attraction between them. Charismatic leaders tend to liven up the workplace with their personality and enthusiasm. These leaders’ teams are normally more conducive to productivity and less tense. It is more exciting for staff to report to...
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