Qualities of a Leader

Topics: Leadership, Jesus, Positive psychology Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: April 27, 2013
9 qualities that define great leaders

General Introduction
In our today’s world, there are many spiritual seekers who want to develop deep relationship with God, but only on their terms. Many of these become ministries leaders. Unlike in secular world, in the ministry, “the level of character development defines the leader’s qualification to lead.” People are beginning to look for leaders of character. “The biblical qualification for leadership stresses character more than skill, education of experience. It is important for us to take time to study the qualities a ministry leader ought to have that can even set him apart in the secular world. It is important because any character failure by a ministry leader” cancel out the prior results to a greater degree than for leaders in other fields.” Character failure often invalidates everything the leader has done prior to the sin”. Jeff Iorg in his book which forms the platform of our discussion:

Character of leadership: Nine Qualities that define Great Leaders writes thus:

Character flaws or failures in other fields (like among business, military and political leaders) are not usually as devastating. Public opinion often forgives those leaders, excusing their actions in amazing ways! President Clinton’s sexual behaviour and his remarkable popularity after leaving office is one example of this. Accepting the high call of ministry leadership is accepting this greater weight of responsibility. You can’t shirk it. You won’t be exception in this rule. You won’t be able to go quietly. If your character flaws (and all of us have them) turn into character failures, the breach of trust with your followers will have devastating consequences. Let your mind’s eye imagine the faces of people you lead. They are counting on you, not just for what you do for them but for the Christian character you develop and demonstrate to them. They may not articulate this often or clearly, but the primary issue for them is trust. Can...
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