Qualities of Nursing

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Nursing Pages: 6 (2352 words) Published: April 26, 2013
The essay focuses on the exploration and demonstrates the understanding of variety of theories that relate to self and interpersonal communication. It has been supported by vignettes from the first practice experience as a student nurse and by using relevant literature to support my argument. The essay contains scenarios that are based on the personal experience that I encountered in the clinical placement. I did make sure that the maintenance of private and confidentiality was covered. It is done by using pseudonyms and by not using the exact place that it occurs. A nurse is a person who inhibits a distinctive social world of lived experiences. A person is a conscious being and seen as a particular person. According to Stevens (1996), a person has five aspect of being a person. (1) Embodiment; it is how a person relates to his/her own body. (2)Subject experience; it is a person’s consciousness. (3)Social medium; it is the environments which determine a person. (4) Subconscious feeling; it is the hidden feeling or reaction, which is deep within a person’s consciousness. (5) Inter-relationship/ relationship with other people; it is how a person deals or interact with other human beings. All of these aspects are profoundly linked, because intrapersonal relates to a person’s inner world and interpersonal is the relationship between the other human being. To be able to have effective interpersonal skills, it is important to have knowledge and a good practice of verbal and non-verbal communication methods. Both methods are very essential in nursing profession particularly in dealing with or interacting with patients and with their families. Verbal is about the paralinguistic; tone of voice, emphasis and manner. In my personal view, the kinds of verbal communication differentiate depending on a situation. On the other hand, non-verbal method performs in communication without the use of words or speech. It also relates to verbal, but in different ways. Non-verbal method is a way of saying what you feel or the respond by the use of body gestures, facial expression, touch and attentiveness. Verbal and Non-verbal link up in a complex way. In day to day communicating with a person, especially in a face to face interaction, verbal and non- verbal coordinate in a respond performance. When having a conversation, a person does also assign gestures in various events and eye contact for attentiveness. During my clinical placement, I was 100% interacting with patients and with patient’s families. I was assigned in a rehab unit that provides care for people who are medically fit, people who required rehabilitation prior to discharge and only admits elderly people. One of the most commonly expressed that I found in each patient, is the fear of them not managing to function to normal, like before they were admitted. I found that each patient are unique, not because they have different illnesses, but because all have different ways in how to approach, or deal with them. Verbal and non-verbal methods are interrelated; at times one of the methods can be dominant, depending on the situation. On one occasion, (Scenario 1) I encountered a patient, Mrs Jones (pseudonym), who has a severe hearing problem. To be able to communicate with her, nurses and Health care assistants write everything down on a paper and go through it with her word by word. She is age related atrophy, English is her second language and suffering from arthritis. Communicating with her is a challenge for me. Managing to understand what she needs or feel is more on understanding and interpreting her non-verbal communication. According to Dunn, L.J (2009), ‘‘Communication is a dynamic process with the interacting components of sending, receiving and feedback. Nonverbal cues may provide clarity or contradiction for a message being sent. If an ironic statement is made with a smile, the receiver knows to find it humorous instead of disconcerting. If we are sending a verbal...
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