Qualities of High Carbon Stainless Knives

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  • Published : February 22, 2012
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My Research on Knives
High Carbon Stainless Steel knives has become the most popular and prefered cutting tool in the culinary world today. The qualities of the High Carbon Stainless knives are that they're resistant to rust or staining, maintains it's sharp edge after excessive use, and the knife always include a bolster and a tang. The bolster is the center piece that is the main support creates a balanced, firm handle on the knife that help reduce the risk of hurting yourself when using it. High Carbon Stainless Steel knives have a good edge when it is sharpened properly and regularly, and is a much harder material; the blade tends to stay sharp longer and holds up better under abuse.The strength of the blade can size up any cutting job without creating any permanent deformity or abrasion to the knife. but on the other hand it is more difficult to sharpen. After use, you should always clean and wipe down the knives to keep it in proper working condition. When buying a knife make sure that the blade extends all the way through the handle. You'll want to see the rivets holding the handle together, it should feel good on your hands, like theres nothing forced.

The major difference between a stamped knife blade and a forged knife blade is the quality of material and the manfucturing process. Forged knife blade are known to be the top of the line quality. The method of forging has been used for centuries because using a person's craftmanship is believed to produce the strongest and sharpest blade. The metal in a forged knife blade is made out a solid steel bar that is placed into temperature as high as 1900 degrees Fahrenheit. so the metal can compact the molecular structure of the steel to harden it. The forged knife goes through the process of being tempered, ground, and polished. The forged knife blade extends down its handle which gives the knife more of strong grip when in use and will unlikely to break off from its handle. With the quality of material...
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