Qualities of Effective Leadership

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In times where globalization and increase in business competition are constantly evolving, organizations scatter to look for the best outstanding effective leaders to represent their company. An effective leadership is the backbone of an organization. The success and failure of a company depends highly on the attributes effective leaders bring into the company. Effective leaders are not made celebrities overnight instead; they go through a series of transformation. Leaders go through years and years of training and experience to become effective leaders. A leader who understands their organization and its members, a leader who tells the truth and a leader, who has a vision for its organization and its people, is definitely an effective leader. There is not one definition of effective leadership but many depending on whom you ask. In order for leaders to be effective they need to utilize their positive communication skills, they need use their emotional intelligence and they need to empower and influence their organizations. Only then can we see a role model in the making. This research paper will hope to answer what the qualities of an effective leader are comprised of. Vision

In The Art and Science of Leadership, Lisa Monroe states, “The job of a good leader is to articulate a vision that others are inspired to follow.” Vision tells an organization where it is going, it motivates, it elucidates and it focuses on the work of an organization for period of time (Nahavandi, 2006). Effective leaders require inspiring vision, based on the vision they set, a leader can either have a positive or a negative impact on the organization. Effective leaders empower and influence their co-workers. A negative example of an effective leader’s vision can be seen in the case with Enron. From the beginning Jeffery Skilling had a negative interest in the company by misleading his employees. One can say that the George Bush and Jeffery Skilling had a positive outlook for the company but both started to pursue their own self-interest of power and greed. Vision is set by an effective leader, a common ground where employees can rally and feel important. In an interview with Industry Week Magazine, General Colin Powell expressed his views on leadership stating “leadership in the 21st Century has not changed from the leadership displayed by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, however, leadership will have a vision of where they wish to take “the led”” (Colin Powell's thoughts on Ledership: Personal qualities needed by leaders won't change, but the leadership environemnt will., 1996). A positive effective leadership starts with a vision such as the case with Henry Ford. Henry Ford dreamed of producing a car which families could afford. His dream came true when he introduced the Model T. Ford could not have done it alone if he had not empowered his team. If he did not provide a clear vision which could be seen through the eyes of his team then there would be no Model T. Another effective leader is Steve Jobs his vision “to get a computer in the hands of everyday people” (Steve Jobs - The Comeback Kid, 2008). Job fulfilled his dream by becoming partners with his friend Steve Wozniak to work on the Apple computer. A negative impact on leadership can be seen in the case of Enron’s CEO Jeffery Skilling. In the 2005 Documentary Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room Jeffery Skilling prior to being appointed as the CEO, had one condition the company will only use “Mark-to-Market Accounting” (McLean & Elkin, 2005). Much can be said when a person initially sets his/her own conditions prior to entering a company. Skilling used the vision of Enron to mislead employees into striving for the best of his interest rather than for the company’s interest. Many effective leaders work for the interest of the company by putting in extra effort and to help strength employee skills flourish. When I was working as a sales assistant my district manager...
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