Qualities and Qualifications for Being a Vet

Topics: Veterinarian, Veterinary medicine Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Carissa Griffin

Period 6, Composition

Mrs. Craig

26 October 2012


Becoming a veterinarian is an intensive process. To many, it looks easy and exciting. The exciting part I can agree with, unfortunately it’s not a very easy task. To become a veterinarian, you have to meet certain requirements and have certain obligations to complete. It involves schooling, a passion and love for animals, and an enormous amount of hard work. Becoming a veterinarian is my plan for my future.

Before you can even think about being a veterinarian, you have to take some questions about yourself into consideration. The big question is “do you have a passion and love for animals?” If you answer no to this, obviously this isn’t the job for you. If you answer yes, then you have a good chance at achieving this as your job. The next question is “are you ready to take on the schooling that is required to be a veterinarian?” In order to become a veterinarian there is so much schooling involved. A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (D.V.M.) is required, that’s about four years of veterinary schooling plus the four of pre-veterinary school. With all that together it takes about eight years to fully become a veterinarian. Are you ready for that? The last question is simply “can you handle it?” This one’s a very serious question that needs thought about. There are some tasks that vets have to do in order to save an animal’s life or to make it better. One big task is euthanizing an animal. This is a very hard task for any vet to do. If you ever have to encounter this, just keep in mind that it’s what’s best for the animal and there is nothing else you can do. Another task that I’m pretty sure no vet looks forward to is going in late, working late, or working on the holidays. No one wants to do any of that stuff. Especially with veterinarians, it’s an essential thing. Many times it’s just in case of emergencies in the middle if the night. Veterinarians have a...
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