Qualitative Research and Case Analysis

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I need help for this assignment on 3 pages or more if possible, please read the case and respond to all 4 questions, please by responding to the questions use the book as reference and some other sources, please cites them inside the paper and show them on the references pages, here are the questions, you will see them also in the end of the book, please look the other attachment for the article. Here is the book reference:

Deresky, H. (2007). International management managing across borders and cultures (6th ed.) Digital bookshelf, Retrieved from ttp://online.vitalsource.com/books/9780558759742

Assignment: Case Analysis and Discussion
Read the following case from your textbook:

Case 1 Coca-Cola’s Business Practices: Facing the Heat in a Few Countries


1. Discuss the nature of the allegations that led to the boycott of Coca-Cola’s products by many U.S. universities.

2. Was the boycott by student activists and trade unions against Coca-Cola justified? Will it have a significant impact on the company in the long run? What should Coca-Cola do to protect its brand image in light of these allegations?

3. Discuss the company’s stance towards CSR (corporate social responsibility) around the world. Who are Coca-Cola’s many stakeholders, and what is the company’s relative responsibility to each of them?

4. Discuss the company’s reputation (justified or not) in light of the concept of “managing interdependence around the world.” What does it take to be a “good citizen” in host countries? How well has Coca-Cola fared in this regard? What does the company need to do now?

Assignment: Case Analysis and Discussion
Read the following case from your textbook:
* Case 1: Coca-Cola's business practices: Facing the heat in a few countries Analysis
Write a case analysis in 3–5 pages. Answer all the case questions in the text. Offer analysis and evidence to support your conclusions. Be objective in...
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