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Topics: Nursing, Death, Grounded theory Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: April 21, 2013
What is so stressful about caring for a dying patient?
Nursing 314 – Research
February 3, 2013

What is so stressful about caring for a dying patient?
Death is something that we all have to deal with, be it in our profession or in our daily lives. This article discusses the reasons why caring for dying patients is stressful for nurses and is a high risk for burn out. The article also gives findings related to the study and gives recommendations based on the results. The study shows that education is needed for the nurses that care for the dying patient. The article gave me the understanding of the purpose of the research study and the findings of the study. The article clearly states the purpose of the research and the findings. The title is clear and unambiguous, but the abstract causes the title not to be accurate. The Title should maybe state something about the Nursing shortage. The abstract offers a clear overview of the study. The abstract states that the problem stems from the nursing shortage, and this is what causes stress and burnout. The abstract also states that the “study used a qualitative theory approach to examine the experiences of nurses and their particular concerns about caring for a dying patient” (Peterson, 2010). The purpose of the study is to examine the experiences of nurses and their concerns about caring for the dying patient. In order to address the reasons for the stress, the study was designed to provide a better understanding of the concerns the nurses have regarding caring for the dying patient. The literature review helped me to understand the specific concerns/stressors that nurses experience when caring for a dying patient. Peterson states that “common clinical stressors experienced by nurses are 1) watching a dying patient die, 2) the death of a patient, and 2) listening to or talking with a patient about their death imminent death” (Peterson, 2010). In the Nursing profession we are taught how to give...
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