Qualitative Interview

Topics: Interview, African American, Social work Pages: 4 (1093 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Qualitative Interview

Volunteerism is a fundamental principle in my personal life as it addresses my desire to help others. This quality has been a part of me since childhood. I have vivid early memories of wanting to help my grade school classmates who would come to school visibly less fortunate than others. These desires followed me through adulthood and lead me to a career in social work. I chose this topic to research because no one in my immediate family volunteered or spoke of volunteerism. Participation in civic activities or community service was not a part of my daily activity. Therefore, where did my desire to help others originate. What entices people of color to volunteerism was the research question that guided this assignment. Interviewee

For the purposes of this paper, I interviewed an African American, female Sasha (pseudonym). She is an active member of the National Black MBA Association, which is a professional business organization focused on increasing educational and career opportunities within the African American community. Sasha is the director of Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) program and has served in this volunteer role for six years.   Sasha’s outward zeal for improving and enhancing the lives of African American youth was the motivating factor in my interest to interview her. Through various civic activities, Sasha and I always cross paths. Sasha shared that her participation in this interview was an opportunity to showcase the LOT program. This high school mentorship program exposes minority youth to African American business professionals and assists in identifying positive career and educational options. Ethical Concerns

Initially, the interview was to take place at McCoy’s (pseudonym) coffee shop. Upon learning the location of the interview, Sasha insisted a change in venue as the coffee shop represented a personal ethical concern. Sasha shared the coffee shop did not donate leftover food to a local homeless shelter within a...
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