Quack Doctors

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Health Pages: 17 (4353 words) Published: February 25, 2012
Factors Influencing the Selected Residents of Baranggay in Catanuan Quezon to Patronize Quack Practices. Diane R. Sosa
Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc.

Chapter One
Background of the study
Complementary and alternative medicines, including quack practices fundamentally rooted on the medical systems and techniques of ancient people such as Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Asian Indians and Native Americans.   Contemporary biomedical research has tended to be sceptical and sometimes contemptuous of these alternative, non-allopathic methods of medical practices. (Jill, 2000)

Quack practices have historically contributed for many people's sense of health and well-being over the centuries and still does in many countries, especially, Philippines. The Philippines is one of the countries with many beliefs, cultural practices, and traditions. Part of the beliefs is the existence of quack practices and Philippines comprises different communities which have different medical myths and quack practices.

Primarily, the main goal of this research is to identify factors influencing quack practices in selected community or barangay in Catanuan, specifically the study will be conducted in Barangay 8 and 9, Catanuan Quezon.

Quack practices include all such practices and ideas self-defined by their users as preventing or treating illness or promoting health and well-being. The main context of quack practices is to relieve pain, postpone death, and make money (Jill, 2000). 

With limited time given by managed care initiatives, client demands, and prefer toward brief therapy, growing number of individuals seek the help of people who perform quack practices that can aid them through their “healing power” or “power medicines”.

As mentioned, quack practices are prevalence in many communities or barangay in the Philippines. However, fewer studies have been made to evaluate these medical practices. With this, the researcher chose this topic to help the country in analysing the value of quack practices and the factors that drives people to seek the help of this kind of medical practitioners. This research study tends to provide a critical analysis regarding the influenced and effects of quack practices in the health care process within the chosen community and the common ailments referred to a quack practitioner.

Statement of the Problem
1. What is the demographic profile of the respondents?
a. Age
b. Location
c. Financial status
d.Educational Background
e. Occupation
f. Familial Health care giver.
2. What is the perception of the respondents regarding quack behavior?
3. What are the common ailments referred to quack doctors?
4. What factors influence the residents of selected baranggay to patronize quack practice?
Conceptual Framework
The researcher theorises that quack practices influences the health care process in barangay 8 and 9 in Catanuan Quezon. The experience of illness and healing is shaped by cultural, social, political, and moral components. The researcher used community participation to strengthen the theories that have been conceptualised.

The Interactional Perspective identifies three elements that are fundamental in defining and understanding a community. These elements are a locality, a local society, and a process of locality-orientated collective actions (Reyala, 1991).

To enhance and strengthen the study, the researcher uses respondents which involve a community that shares a common environmental area. With this element as mentioned by the Interactional Perspective, community people as they share common locality also meets common interest and concerns thus providing influence including the issues of patronization on Quack practices.

Sufficient healthcare is an important aspect of human life not only in the prevention and treatment of diseases but also in the maintenance...
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