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Topics: Mobile phone, Strategic management, Competitor analysis Pages: 4 (1388 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Nokia , its that name that when comes to our mind we remember the phones that came to our life making a new era of cellular communication , these devices that Nokia made was amazing, cool and full of surprises. however, this brightness didn’t last for long time . At first, Nokia was topping the U.S market with market share of about 30 % but over the years Nokia has lost its popularity and dropped to the bottom by june.2009 .

Nokia’s strategic mistakes in the U.S market
Fail in anticipation situation
The “forecast for Nokia was as sunny and clear as an endless Finnish summer day. In the period which in Nokia was actually the top choice for the U.S consumers , Nokia didn’t notice the change in the tastes of the consumers and also didn’t make researches about the new need of those consumers. Otherwise, it continued to work under current strategy and didn’t develop its strategy to adapt with the market condition. It was just forecasting the good to come and didn’t anticipate any competitor in its industry .

Dismissing the competitors
As mobile phone usage skyrocketed, Nokia was the most popular choice. It was the “cool” phone—the one that everyone, from business executive to high school student to stay-at-home-mom wanted . In 2005, Nokia had just launched the N series, an innovative new line with a Web browser, video, music, and pictures in a single phone. That device moved Nokia a generation ahead in the race to build the first real smart phone. The “forecast for Nokia was as sunny and clear as an endless Finnish summer day.

arrogant attitude of Nokia
despite the new competitors have entered the market, Nokia was still using its old strategy without any change or development process to it, and also did not offer any new initiative phone to the consumers, but it remained

A “dump” mistake from a “smart” company !!
As some executives of Nokia itself said “Nokia, at the height of its success, decided not to adapt its phones for the U.S. market. That...
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