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Research Assignment#2
Nina Bui
11:30-12:20 M-T
* Base on the reading I believe this is a homicide case; Jack should be charge guilty of 1st degree murder of premeditation; manslaughter of involuntary and corpus delicti of murder and assault. Jack is committed and planned to kill Norman at the first time when problem just occur. Jack doesn’t say it because he is mad but he said during the atequte provocation. Even though Jack know that Norman just get recovering after open heart surgery, he planned and went to the bar to intended seriously harm that can result in death. Jack is not only being charge for killing Norman but also being charge at manslaughter of involuntary for the death of Norman dad; even know that Jack is not mean to kill Norman dad but because of his killing cause the death of Norman dad. Jack is not being charge of 2nd degree murder and manslaughter of voluntary because he planned to kill or cause a deadly harm to Norman. Jack not only struck Norman 1 time but also he delivered a second mortal blow to Norman while the police arrived witnessed the crime. * Base on the reading Dr. Black is guilty of 2nd degree murder of manslaughter voluntary and assault. Dr. Black is guilty of 2nd degree murder of manslaughter voluntary because Dr. Black doesn’t planned to kill but he mean to cause the death after he heard that the person he needed to operate was the Iraqi general. Dr. Black knows that the person he needed an operation right away and it’s a serious condition. Dr. Black decided not to perform the operation and hoped the person died. Dr. Black means to commit the death of the person that he needed to operate because he didn’t show up for the operation. Dr. Black is not guilty for 1st degree murder and manslaughter involuntary because he doesn’t planned or plot the killing and plus he didn’t used any harm weapon to killed the person directly.

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