Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Management, Business Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: October 27, 2011
1. In referring to the opening profile and the closing for this chapter, discuss the challenges regarding corporate social responsibility that companies in the apparel industry face in its supply chains around the world? 指的开放形象和本章结束,在讨论关于企业社会责任的挑战,公司在其世界各地的供应链的服装行业面临? Answer:

There are 5 challenges related to CSR: 有5挑战相关的CSR: a. Lack of awareness and benefit of CSR缺乏意识和企业社会责任的中受益 In fact, many of companies have little knowledge about CSR. In some cases, companies may have a greater understanding of CSR issue but lack of understanding on how to begin implementing a CSR program. Finally, there is significant ignorance about the benefit that can be gained from good CSR practices. 事实上,许多公司都对CSR的小知识。在某些情况下,公司可能有一个更大的企业社会责任问题的认识,但缺乏了解如何开始实施CSR的方案。最后,大约可以从良好的企业社会责任实践获得的好处是有显著的无知。 b. Lack of human resources in company公司在人力资源的缺乏 Many companies claim that they are lack of manpower that they can assign to CSR practices. In addition, many management systems being used by companies are very unproductive, inefficient and wasteful of human resources. 许多公司宣称,他们是缺乏人手,他们可以分配到企业社会责任实践。此外,许多管理公司所采用的系统是非常非生产性,效率低下,浪费人力资源。 c. Competing code of conduct and multiple requirements竞争的行为和多种需求的代码 A major concern for many business owners and managers is connected to competing codes of conduct from different customers. Such duplication is expensive and frustrating to suppliers. 许多企业所有者和管理者的一个主要关注的是连接到从不同的客户进行竞争守则。这种重复是昂贵和令人沮丧的供应商。 d. Costs成本

Companies constantly face the challenge of tighter budgets brought about by rising costs of material, energy and wages. Therefore, most are unable to spend much money on CSR initiatives. 公司不断面对挑战,材料,能源和工资成本上升带来的紧缩预算。因此,大多数人都不能花多少钱CSR活动。 e. Over emphasis on inspection & cheating在强调对检验作弊 Many companies are guilty of not complying with codes of conduct. Many stakeholders and managers have the perception that they cannot do business and make profits while adhering to codes of...
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