Qnt-561 Week 1

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Week Four Team Paper
August 1, 2012

Week 4 Team Paper
Best Buy is a company that has 40 years of history with a very accomplished sense of success. In 1966 Best Buy was a small electronics store in that originated in St. Paul Minnesota by Richard Schulze and an acquainted business partner. Considering that technology changes so rapidly, Best Buy has had to transform from just being the little electronics store down the way into a competitive, customer-driven, talent-powered company that emphasizes on pleasing the customers as it pertains to the life of technology. In 1993 Best Buy was recognized as the nation’s second largest electronics retailer and was recognized by Forbes in 2004 as the “Company of the Year.” However, in 2012 Best Buy had a huge layoff which resulted into 50 store closings. The competitors for Best buy include online stores like Amazon, Buy.com, Tiger direct and various others. Purpose

Best Buy stores are located throughout the United States and every year additional employees are hired to help staff during the holiday season (known as seasonal staffing and typically runs during holiday season). Higher head count is inefficient and expensive. This poses an organizational dilemma; can sales data be used to identify the appropriate number of temporary employees that need to be hired during the holiday season? Considering the sheer amount of stores that require temporary staffing data will be collected from all its stores and used to identify the staffing needs. Research Design

Give the nature of business of Best Buy Quantitative research should be applied. It involves gathering data and then organizes, tabulates, depicts, and describes the data collection (Glass & Hopkins, 1984). The dependent variable that will be looked at is staffing levels. A dependent variable is one that “is measured, predicted, or otherwise monitored and expected to affected by manipulation of an...
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