Qing Dynasty Cot

Topics: Qing Dynasty, China, Empress Dowager Cixi Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: May 12, 2008
Qing Dynasty COT

Between the times of 1600-1914 the Qing dynasty experienced change from a great deal of power to a devastating decline. The Qing dynasty seized control of China in the mid 17-century. They adopted and retained the Chinese bureaucracy and Confucius beliefs. But their success did not last eventually after many reforms due to land distribution, examinations, and social inequality; the Qing began to lose hold on their once strong control. Events such as the Opium war and the Boxer rebellion damaged the Qing dynasties social order and military force. The systems became corrupt which lead to political and social disintegrations. The Manchu leader Nurhaci united the tribes of his region into a formidable fighting force that conquered much of Manchuria and drove back the Chinese living to the north of the Great Wall. The Manchu elite increasingly adopted Chinese ways in bureaucracy and court ceremonies. Many of the Chinese scholar-gentry continued to servicing the Manchu. The Manchu seized advantage of the weakness of the Ming dynasty to enter China and seize control of Beijing in 1644. As the Qing dynasty, they ruled an area larger than the majority of the previous dynasty had. The Manchu retained much of the political system of the Ming, although they assumed a more direct role in appointing local officials and reduced their tax exemptions.. The Manchu also maintained the social system of the Ming and the examination system. The values of respect for rank and acceptance of hierarchy were emphasized. Women continued under the dominance of elder men. Lower-class women continued to work in fields and markets. The Manchu attempted to alleviate rural distress and unrest through decreasing tax and labor burdens; repairing roads, dikes, and irrigation systems; and limiting land accumulation by the elite. Population growth and the lack of available land checked the success of the reform efforts. Landlords increased their holdings and widened the gap...
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