Qi Plan- Part I

Topics: Hospital, Patient, Health care Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: January 18, 2013
QI Plan- Part I
Jasmin Dedic
HCS 588
December 3, 2012
Ben Rosenthal

QI Plan- Part I
In the United States, consumers enjoy the right to choose, negotiate, and even complain. It is economy based on consumerism, and the opinions of consumers are very significant. Just like with anything else, when it comes to health care, individuals are in a position to choose form at least couple of providers when they are seeking medical attention. Patients want to have options and to pick the best one in their opinion. This creates competition, and open competitive market. Competition ensures that quality of product and services will keep improving, as competitors fight to gain an edge on each other. In the small town called Germantown, a high-end suburb of Memphis TN, stands a well-known orthopedic clinic which has been serving local residents for many decades. The mission and purpose of Campbell Clinic is to provide unmatched patient care while being known as the leader in teaching and research in the profession of orthopedic surgery (Campbell Clinic Orthopedics, 2002). Although, the quality of clinics services is excellent, every company strives to continuously improve, and Quality Improvement (QI) is essential component for organization’s longevity. Developing a plan for improvement for already successful clinic might seem to be an easy task, considering that all the plan should do, at the very least, is maintain the same quality of services that already exist. However, the fact that Campbell Clinic is good at what it does puts a burden of responsibility on those in charge of developing a plan. Realizing that clinic has high standards of quality, reputation to consider, as well as consumer’s loyalty. Consumer is the ultimate measurer of quality improvement. In health care especially, leaders of clinics and hospitals are very concerned about patient satisfaction, and their concern is not without a reason. Performance measurement is how organization and public measure...
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