Qatar Airways Analysis

Topics: Strategic management, Qatar, Doha Pages: 16 (4111 words) Published: February 10, 2008
The objective of this assignment is to analyse the current situation of Qatar Airways, as well as to determine possible future strategic options through the application of theoretical frameworks such as value chain analysis, resource edit, stakeholder analysis and Ansoff matrix.

Since its re-launch in 1997, Qatar Airways has attained staggering growth in fleet size and passengers number. From four aircraft in 1997, the group grew to a fleet size of 42 in September 2005 and by 2015, the fleet size will almost triple to 110 aircraft. From its hub in Doha, Qatar Airways has developed a global network of destination thanks to its code-share partners and alliances with other companies. Qatar Airways' strengths might be identified in its good financial position that means, thanks to petrodollars, an easy access to working capital. Its management is solid and prepared to future's challenges, such as its crews and its modern fleet. Opportunities might be identified in Qatar Airways' potential of growth either in Middle East area than in global area, thanks to development of new routes and focusing its strategy on top quality carrier, focused heavily on customer service. With these good intentions, Qatar Airways can win the intense competition between Arabian carriers, such as Emirates, Etihad and Gulf Air and fill up its weaknesses that are: lack brand awareness and prejudices on Arabian Airlines, essentially due to Islamic terrorism and political instability of adjacent states.

The resource audit identifies and evaluates the resources available to Qatar Airways, in order to support its strategic aims and objectives. In this analysis is essential to identify company's resources and competences, finding the link between each other, aiming to add value to the organisation.

Threshold Resources
•(See Appendix 1)

Unique resources
•Physical: In this group might be identified catering facility, such as fine food and galley presence on board of top Qatar Airways' aircraft. In addition the presence of warehouse and, especially for Qatar Airways, to manage an airport. In fact according to Craven (2006) "Qatar Airways will manage new airport, to help shape Doha as a key regional and global aviation hub" •Human: Qatar Airways' staffs are an international group of people aiming to excellence as well as customer satisfaction. •Financial: Qatar government controls Qatar Airways. Thanks to oilfields, the government funding Qatar Airways' activity. •Brand: Qatar Airways is a top quality carrier. An advertising campaign aimed to pretentious customers is the key to develop this unique resource. Sponsorship agreement might be useful. In fact, according to Marketing 2006, thanks to cricket sponsorship "The airline will receive exclusive in-stadia signage and marketing rights as well as tickets and hospitality. Ramachandran, Qatar Airways' regional manager for South and West Europe, said many of its target audience were cricket fans". •Other Intangibles: The brand knowledge and reliability is very important.

Threshold Competences
•(See Appendix 2)

Core Competences
•Physical: Here there are different points of strength for Qatar airways. A modern fleet is important, as well as more fuel-efficient aircraft. In fact, according to Done (2007) "Qatar Airways will become the crucial launch customer for the new family of Airbus long-haul, wide-body jets, the A350XWB". Also on board entertainment is important, according to Airfinance(2007) "Qatar Airways has closed an innovative $140 million loan to help it finance pre-delivery payments for in-flight entertainment systems, seats and other interior equipment not included as part of its Airbus orders". These plans are very important because they create customer value, making a good impact on customer perceptions as well as they making competitor differentiation. •Human: To create value are required: top and friendly customer...
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