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Topics: Trade union, Australian Licenced Aircraft Engineers Association, Strike action Pages: 6 (2195 words) Published: April 25, 2013
1. Executive Summary
Qantas (Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services) Airways Limited (ASX: QAN) beginning in 1920 is an airline based in Sydney and is an enterprise that is part of the Tertiary Industry as it aims to provide services to people by flying to 80 international destinations excluding its subsidiaries. However, with perceptible plans to outsource globally and relocate jobs offshore, a bitter dispute broke out in 2011 between Qantas and three of the unions over job security, pay rises and better working conditions. The unions involved represented the following: * The pilots, the Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) * The ground staff and baggage handlers, Transport Workers Union (TWU) * The engineers, Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineer’s Association (ALAEA) This report aims to:

* Recognise and name all the stakeholders involved in this dispute * Analyse the causes and strategies being utilised to resolve it * Suggest and justify appropriate human resource strategies that will help improve the business as it recovers from the 2011 dispute

2. Stakeholders
Internal| How they are affected by the dispute|
Employees – * Engineers * Pilots * Ground staff * Baggage handlers| Without employees, the prime function of the business cannot be achieved. Keeping Qantas employees satisfied is at the quintessence of this dispute would have most likely prevented it and all industrial action. | CEO – Alan Joyce| The 'boss' of Qantas, he made the decision to ground the entire Qantas fleet in the bid to halt all industrial action sparking much criticism and controversy against him. He is an important figure in negotiating with employees to resolve the dispute.| Managers| Pressure to negotiate and resolve the issue as fast as possible.|

External| How they are affected by the dispute|
Trade Unions – * Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) * Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineer’s Association (ALAEA) * Transport Workers Union (TWU)| Trade unions represent the employees in this dispute and also become their 'voice,' especially in negotiating with management in order to achieve the best possible results for all parties involved and to make sure that the agreements made especially satisfy the wants and needs of the employees they represent . | Government| It was a critical test for the Federal Government after the dispute was believed to have already affected the economy causing them to intervene however they managed to provide the legislative framework for the dispute's resolution. | Customers: Passengers| The cancellation of 447 flights internationally with 68 000 travellers affected meant the disruption to travel plans and even leaving some stranded at airports. Passengers would surely be enraged by the thought of making alternative plans or waiting for an available flight.| Fair Work Australia| FWA has become the umpire for this dispute overseeing negotiations and agreements made between parties.| Competitors| Rival airlines Virgin Airlines, Air New Zealand and AirAsia X benefited from this divergence as they offered to accommodate Qantas Airlines passengers as an alternative option| Society| Since Qantas is such a large and imperative enterprise of Australia known worldwide, the industrial action started to take its toll on the economy costing around $194 million all together| Tourism Industry| Since many passengers were left stranded or had to make substitute plans, the tourism industry was negatively affected as the dispute continued right through the vital Christmas season and costing them around $150 million | Shareholders| To give them a reasonable return on their investment during the conflict|

3. Causes
The 2011 Qantas Airlines dispute with three of its employee unions: ALAEA, TWU, AIPA; has been an intense conflict over job security, better working conditions and pay rises. With...
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