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Topics: Strategic management, British Airways, Economics Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Question 1
Qantas undertake formal marketing auditing and marketing planning to review the performance and to make corrective action why the fall fallen or reduced for the past year.

* Prepare marketing plan that documents the outcomes of the market planning process and also integrating the market planning with other functional elements such as link between the market planning &, corporate strategy which reflect the process of identifying &implementing management decisions that are per their nature crucial to Qantas position. The market planning also integrated with the marketing auditing which represent one of the management audit which include beside the marketing audit, as business tools to assist to undertake formal marketing auditing & planning such as finance audit to examine budget control ,cash flow ,debit ,credit resources allocation , capital expenditure , long term finance ,human resources audit such as analyses management , technical ,administrative competences personal mix , distribution audit such as analyses stock control , transportation , warehousing capacity , exciting delivery or value chain structure and performance and production audit such as examine quality management , labor ,materials , use of plant space and production planning.

* The role of corporate strategy is to clarify issues that critical and to define the pathway to achieve outcomes of Qantas role & function to achieve it is purposes, developing strategic vision , setting objectives , analyzing internal & external environment ,implementing efficiently & effectively strategy evaluating performance and making corrective actions..

* The marketing audit in Qantas which analyses Qantas existing and potential product for example outputs from innovation and R/D and prices & costs at a different volumes and the post promotional strategy the business & economic environment, markets and the competition since the competitive...
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