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  • Published : July 4, 2011
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Pyrokinesis is the ability to control, ignite and extinguish fire, using the powers of one's mind. This is dangerous. One should be adept and very experienced in handling and directing energy, as inexperience can cause dangerous burns to yourself, even though you may have a powerful aura. An exceptionally powerful aura is necessary for pyrokinetic ability. 1.Begin by lighting a candle.

2.In order to do this safely, you should be adept at putting fires out before igniting them. Position both of your hands, palms facing inward about half an inch from each side of the candle flame and direct your energy into the flame, willing it to die out. This is extremely advanced and you must have a powerful aura. Try concentrating on black energy between your palms where the flame should be. 3.To ignite a flame: perform the Heat Meditation, and direct the energy you produce to your palm chakras. 4.Blow out the candle. Position both of your hands, palms facing inward about half an inch from each side of the candle wick, which should be an ember. 5.Direct energy from your palm chakras and concentrate intense heat on the ember and will it to ignite. Try concentrating on white hot energy, between your palms. The ember, with practice will begin to glow brighter and eventually, will ignite. 6.Put out the flame, concentrate the energy between your palms on the ember of the wick and direct it to ignite the flame again. With enough palm chakra energy and concentration, it will relight. 7.As you advance, move your palms farther and farther apart. 8.When you are proficient with your palms 2-3 feet apart, concentrate on lighting the wick of the candle without the ember. Ignite the cold wick. In addition to using the energy from your palm chakras, you are using the powers from your third eye. The third eye has a direct line of energy to the physical eyes where the energy projects. Once you are adept at the above exercise, try using less and less of your hands. Again,...
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