Pygmalion Characters

Topics: Rhetoric, Irony, Phonetics Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: July 15, 2011
Character | What Characterises their voice? | Evidence? | Henry Higgins (Caricature) = He is a phonetician, focusing on the sound of voices. Caricature (When a persons features are exaggerated) he is a carachature of the empirable thinking of the time. Empiricists – A scientist who believed in logical detachment and the importance of studying and understanding the world scientifically. | Aggression, bullying, manipulation, sarcasm, demanding, snobby, articulate, arrogant, verbose (uses many words), oppinionated, stubborn, invective, boastful, persuasive, oblivious, misogynist, de-humanising, sarcastic, hyperbole, rude, ironic, solipistic/egotistical. This text is 'satire'. It is using humour to provide social commentary, satire is delicate humour. Looks at the relationship between geneders, sexism is a target of this play and class target. | “squashed cabbage leaf” “draggletailed gutternispe” “bilious pigeon” “I have learnt something for your idiot notions” “them (those) slippers” “I find the moment I let a woman make a friend of me she becomes jelous, suspocious and a damned nuisance” “I do not wish to hunt her delicacy” (When they walk home after the Garden Patry) Oh, chuck them over the bannistersinto the hall. She'll find them there in the morning and put them away all right. She'll think we were drunk” | Eliza Dolittle | Eliza's distinctive voice charachterises change. Her voice changes a lot over the play. Before: Repetitive, emotion (sensitive), slang, un grammatical, phonetic (garn), cockney (slang English), her dress was a distincitve, assertive, honesty (she wants to pay for her lessons), After: confident refined), lack of irrelecancies, balanced statements, emotional, sincere, precise observation, more 'lady-like', stronger, eloquent, logical, perfect diction, | Before: After: “How do you do?” | Colonel Pickering | Polite, restrained, direct, courteous, treats Eliza with respect, juxtaposition of...
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