Topics: Pygmalion, Sculpture, Mythology Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Part One
a. A myth is a meaningful, traditional, story that tries to show the importance between religion and humans and the questions they have about simple things that happen in daily life, or how we were all created and death. b. Myths mostly talk about how things were or the way they are now, fairy tales are about palaces, kings and queens, and mystical creatures. c. The purpose of myth plays in the life of ancient Greeks was to help them answer questions they could not with the understanding they had at the time, or about the science of that life. d. No they do not have the same names.

Part Two
Pygmalion was a sculptor and a king. He was sculpting a woman out of ivory and to him was the most beautiful sculpture of the woman of his heart’s desire. When he saw how beautiful of a sculpture he made, and that she wouldn’t respond to his gifts and treats that he would buy her, he started to feel lonely and wished that the woman were really there. He wished upon the gods to make the sculpture come alive. At that time when he was away from his home, Venus, the goddess of love came unto him, and granted him his wish, and told him to go home where there was something waiting for him. When he got home, he saw that the statue was alive, her skin was soft and warm, and her smile glistening and he named her Galatea. Later on, they got married and had a son. (Some say they had a daughter.)

a. The main characters names are Pygmalion and Galatea.
b. Pygmalion was a lonely man, he also seemed shy to me, because what man would fall in love with a sculpture? Galatea, was a sculpture made by Pygmalion, but was described to be very beautiful.

Part Three
a. Metamorphoses means to change or going through changes. b. Transcendent means going above and beyond anyone’s expectations, or beyond anyone else. c. I think that the term metamorphoses fits the Pygmalion myth better because Galatea changed into something real.
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