Pyd Model United Nations Undp Working Paper

Topics: Russia, Water crisis, Ukraine Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: July 11, 2012
Delegate: Haotian Wang and Zhe Wu
Country: Ukrainian People's Republic
Committee: United Nations Development Programme
Topic A: Water Crisis

Currently, the world together is facing a crisis of significant importance, lack of drinkable water, the most vital necessity to mankind. For many decades, the water crisis has been on the top of the agenda for many countries. Countless goals have been set by various nations, far too many treaties, yet many objectives remain unreached. Famines, malnutrition, deadly diseases, a great deal of destructive impacts could be seen with bare eyes. Consequently, millions to billions suffer from the severe damage done. We live under the same azure sky, yet liquids of the same color are never sufficiently allocated for many.

As the second largest country in Europe, the Ukrainian People’s Republic firmly believes that efficient measures must be taken at the fastest possible rate. Indeed, Ukraine also faces similar devastating issues inside our very own nation. Our president and prime minister are both deeply concerned about the current water crisis, and seek worldwide cooperation. Domestically, Ukraine has passed many policies in order to solve and reduce the current crisis. On the other hand, international cooperation with the EU and Russian Federation has been made in the past, yet the attempts seem feeble. However, on the larger picture, many more suffer from the crisis, and Ukraine does have full confidence that, through our joint and unyielding collaboration, the world could eventually reach compromise for the good of mankind.

Looking forward to this urgent, crucial conference whose urgent objective is to alleviate the impact of the worsening water crisis, the Ukrainian People’s Republic seeks cooperation with worldwide nations in the following aspects: 1) To strengthen the basic, fundamental knowledge for the next generation, on the various topics regarding the water crisis; 2) To enhance the efficiency and...
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