Pw7 Develop and Maintain a Healthy, Safe and Secure Environment for Children

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| |Regulations covering manual handling and the risks associated with lifting and carrying children |

The Manual Handling Operations Regulation 1992, this regulation covers the handling and risks associated with lifting children, it’s important that children are carried with care. The appropriate way to carry babies is by supporting their head to ensure it does not fall backwards and cause an injury to the neck, back or brain. When older children are to be picked up then you should ensure that you bend your knees to prevent back strain.

| |The basic stages of child development and the implications these have for health, safety and security arrangements |

The basic stages of child development are;

Birth –crawling around 6 months of age: Babies have the risk of falling once crawling up or down the stairs or off a raised surface such as a bed. Babies should be supervised at all times. Safety gates should be place at the top and bottom of the stairs. Keep hot drinks away from children to prevent them be scalded if the knock them over. Never leave the child alone in a bath as they could drown in a few inches of water. Remove any small items that maybe on the floor area as the baby could choke if they place them in their mouth. Use plug socket covers to prevent electric shock. When travelling in a car ensure the baby is securely fastened in a child seat ideally away from any air bags that may go off in an accident.

Crawling-walking around 6-15 months of age: There are risks of falling and risk when they try to climb, safety equipment should be used such as safety gates on all rooms and on the stairs, plug socket covers to stop the child from placing fingers or items into them and receiving electric shock. Never leave them alone when they eat in case of choking. Fire guards should be in place to prevent the child from touching the fire and getting burned. Dangerous sharp corners on furniture should be covered to ensure no injuries occur. Sun hats and high factor sun creams should be applied in hot weather to prevent the child being burnt and receiving sun stroke. Appropriate car seats and belts should be used that will protect the child in case of an accident.

Toddlers around 1-3 years of age: Locks should be applied to all doors and windows but a key must be easily accessed by an adult in case of a fire. Medicines and chemicals should be locked away to prevent the child from poisoning. Bags and string should be kept away to prevent strangulation or suffocation. Children should always be supervised when near hot fires, ovens, irons, radiators to prevent them from scalding or serious burns. Knives or sharp items should be locked away to prevent injury if touched. Cover ponds or pools to prevent drowning. To prevent a child from being hurt supervise them all the time.

4-11 years of age: Children of this age are interested in most things around them, they must be taught about danger such as walking or running into the road, if approach by strangers and never to touch ovens or fires as they will get burned. They must be allowed to investigate the world around them but should be supervised at a distance.

11 years of age and over: Children of this age enjoy climbing, skating, jumping and do put themselves at risk of having accidents. They must be taught about the dangers of drug...
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