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  • Published : March 29, 2011
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Task 1 “Amalgamation”

Choice of Topic:
My choice of topic will explore the amalgamation of traditional spectacles and cosmetic to create contact lenses.


Reasons for the Choice of Topic

Contact lenses are chosen as the example of amalgamation as it combines traditional spectacles with cosmetic, making it much more convenient for people. It is very popular and common among people.

In examining the issue on late coming, it is observed that many a time, alarm clocks fail on the late comers as they claim to not hear the alarm ring, hence they oversleep. My objective is the amalgamation of bed and alarm clock to solve the problem of people not hearing the alarm rings which results in late comings.


|Feasibility of Project | |How can the proposal be carried out? |Evaluation | | | | |Strategy 1: Every individual will be able to use this bed |Strategy 1: Users will have a better reliance on this product| |with build-in alarm as it will have different functions for |where the bed will vibrate to wake them up as this involves | |the users to set to meet their needs. For example, they can |the touch of the body which is a stronger disturbance. | |set the degree of vibration. | | | | | |Strategy 2: The bed will still be a normal bed but with an |Strategy 2: Users do not need to worry about the comfort | |additional mechanism which can cause it to vibrate. To stop |ability of the bed as it will remain the same. Only when...
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