Putting Up a Coconut Juice Business

Topics: Marketing, Market share, Strategic management Pages: 3 (513 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Buko Royale

To come up with viable business that will result into profit. •To achieve superior customer satisfaction.
To provide customer with a quality product at the most affordable price.

Key Result Area

Expected profit for 20 days – P70,000 Draw sales
Based on research: 50% profit
Expected sales for 1 day – 3,500 x 20 days

Market Shares
Total population in QCPU = 525
10% of 525= 50
Total population in Sf High School Campus =3,300
200 persons target market
7% approximately


1.ProductHealthy drink
The potential to cater
All natural product
Has a medicinal value.
Vast (continuous supply of product.
High government support for the coconut base businesses and has a potential to export. •Better than soft drinks.
Quick time to market or implementation.
Lack of brand recall(initially as you launch in the market •You need to replenish with a fresh buko juice and milk to maintain the taste and quality of buko juice because of the ice. •Lost brand value.Promo (will come up to health beneficial of your product. •Product can be diversifying into various product lines.

You can easily introduce new product lines related to coconut. •Brand is attractive to the consumers. The product’s unique name seems to be attractive to the consumers. •Increase market share (the market operates in is still growing as more and more consumers are becoming cautious of the effects of processed goods. This is a clear opportunity for them to cease more of the market).Existing buko juice food cart in Sm. •QCPU market are already use to existing beverage supplier (they already captured the market. •Large number of indirect competitors.

Changing customer tastes.
Competitor has a new, innovative substitute product or service

2.PriceMinimal capital requirement...
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