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Topics: Organizational structure, The A-Team, Team Pages: 4 (1041 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Putting IT to Work at Home Depot

Home Depot is the world’s largest home-improvement retailer, a global company that is expanding rapidly (about 200 new stories every year). With over 1500 stories (mostly in the United States and Canada, and now expanding to other countries) and about 50,000 kinds of products in each store, the company is heavily dependent on It, Especially since it started to sell online.

To align its business and IT operations, Home Depot created a business and information service model, known as the Special Projects Support Team (SPST). This team collaborates both with the ISD and business colleagues on new projects, addressing a wide range of strategic occur at the intersection of business process. The team is composed of highly skilled employees. Actually, there are several teams, each with a director and mix of employees, depending on the project. For example, system developers, system administrators, security experts, and project managers can be on a team. The teams exist until the completion of a project; then they are dissolved and the members are assigned to new teams. All teams report to the SPST director, who reports to a VP of technology. To ensure collaboration among end users, the ISD and the SPST created structured (formal) relationships. The basic idea is to combine organizational structure and process flow, which is designed to do the following:

Achieve consensus across departmental boundaries with regard to strategic initiatives. •Prioritize strategic initiatives.
Bridge the gap between business concepts and detailed specifications. •Result in the lowest possible operational costs.
Achieve consistently high acceptance levels by the end-user community. •Comply with evolving legal guidelines.
Define key financial elements (cost-benefit analysis, ROI, etc.). •Identify and render key feedback points for project metrics. •Support very high rates of change.
Support the creation of multiple, simultaneous...
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