"Putting Global Warming on Ice" Essay disproving global warming myth using scientific evidence.

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  • Published : January 6, 2003
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Putting Global Warming on Ice

What makes the earth's temperature rise and fall? Do greenhouse gases block solar heat from leaving the earth, or is it only a product of solar activity? Many people have theorized on what causes temperatures to change. A catch phrase named Global Warming came to popularity. Environmentalists from all walks of life joined the 'global warming' fight. According to Thomas O'Connell the global warming debate wasn't accepted in the 60's and 70's when he studied it. It only became popular recently in the 90's. Everyone believed that humans were causing a catastrophe by punching a whole into an 'ozone layer' in the sky, letting harmful rays of sun in. People fought to shutdown plants in order to stop the emissions of carbon dioxide and other 'greenhouse gases'. Everyone believed the global warming claims coming from senators and environmentalists. Today in the 21st century, science has stepped up to disprove the common myths of global warming. Many of the theories and claims of global warming are easily disproved with science. Science is the only tool that can be used to tell whether theories are fact or fiction. The first issue of global warming is the recent Kyoto Protocol, an international treaty designed to cut greenhouse emissions from successful countries.

The international Kyoto protocol has been in debate for many years. The Kyoto protocol is an international treaty to reduce developed country's greenhouse emissions, specifically carbon dioxide, to 7% below their 1990 levels. As President Bush came to office he refused the U.S.'s involvement in the treaty. President Bush wasn't even the man that killed the idea for the U.S. (National Center 2). A bill, stating that the U.S. wouldn't ratify any climate treaty that would harm the United States economically and would have no consequences for developing or "3rd World" countries, was passed with a unanimous 95-0 vote by the senate before President Bush was elected (National Center 2). The treaty isn't about global warming. It was designed in order to transfer success from developed nations like the U.S. to developing or struggling countries (Tuccille 2). Research declares that China, India, and Brazil who are not affected by the Kyoto Protocol will increase their CO2 emissions by 16% more than the United States even without the Protocol in effect (National Center 3). Proponents of the protocol confessed that the treaty "would not have the beneficial environmental impacts advertised" and that "the costs of implementation would be much higher than the public had been told" (National Center 1). U.S. economy would suffer if we agreed to partake in the Kyoto scheme. Gasoline prices would increase by as much as 66 cents per gallon, electrical costs would also increase up to 80%, energy intensive products such as chemicals, steel, paper, and cars would rise in price by as much as 15%. (National Center 2). "The economy of the USA would be devastated," states Thomas O'Connell. The minority income would be lowered by about 10%, 864,000 African Americans as well as 511,000 Hispanics would be unemployed (National Center 2). Oil and fuel used for farming would be taxed or restricted causing in a higher cost of producing and lower profits of products including corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, hogs, and milk (Heartland Institute 2 and 3). Businesses taxed by the government for their emissions would result in raising costs for their consumers (Heartland Institute 3). New regulations would be implemented for automobiles making carpooling mandatory and would penalize owners of trucks and sports cars. The average household income would even drop by about $2,700 (Heartland Institute 2). Even the unbiased and credible Time magazine quoted, "the campaign against global warming seemed to be over before it even started" referring to the Kyoto Protocol (Tuccille 1). Are we prepared to "disappear from the map" in order to prevent 1 degree Celsius of warming for the next...
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