Putting Elderly Parents in Anursing Home

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  • Published : January 27, 2011
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Putting elderly parents in a nursing home verses keeping them at home. Theresa Burroughs
Composition I – 6

Instructor: Elaine Childs

January 1, 2010

There will almost absolutely come a day when your parents will need you. When this time comes, they will probably not admit that they need you or anyone else for that matter, but in reality, they will definitely need someone. If you look back to your childhood it’s quite similar to those days they had to care for you. They took care of your every need from bathing, feeding and dressing you appropriately. Those days you may not remember as well as they do but they happened. The days that they were responsible for you, unfortunately now they need the same care that they provided for you so long ago. So what are your options you say? Put them in a nursing home where you’ll take the chance they may be cared for properly? Chances are every time they have to use the bathroom or need assistance their going to have to press a help button and wait. Wow, they just became a number in someone’s eye and honestly how degrading can that be. The clear option for so many reasons would be to keep them at home and care for them as they did you. So with a firm standing putting your elderly parent in a nursing home is by far the worst option compared to keeping them at home. The average cost of putting an elderly parent in a nursing home verses keeping them at home is by far reason in itself. Deciding to keep you elderly parent at home verses a nursing home is an easy choice once you weigh the factors in of their independence, the cost and by far their love for u and your love for them. Are you ready to choose? This day it’s almost an inevitable choice that you’re going to have to make rather you want to or not. Do you have a clue what this involves? The bottom line is if you choose not to be there you’re given up that last chance you’ll ever have to be there for them. The normal stay in a nursing home is an average...
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