Push Ups

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Part 1: OVErVIEW


It’s not easy staying in shape these days. Jobs are becoming more demanding, workweeks getting longer, family and friends taking up more and more of your precious free time but there’s still only 24 hours in one day. And yet, in the same breath, we all want to have perfect bodies, too.


7 Weeks to 100 Push-uPs

Keeping in shape, however, doesn’t have to be time consuming nor inconvenient. Surprisingly, no matter how busy or complex your life is, you already have all the equipment you need for keeping fit and staying healthy. More good news: There’s no need to resign from the high-paying job, nor give up leisure time or family and friends. Push-ups are one of the most basic but rewarding all-around exercises you will find, and everyone from teenagers to older adults can benefit from doing them on a regular basis. The 7 Weeks to 100 Push-Ups plan is an easy-to-follow, progressive training program designed to

take you from your current fitness level to being able to complete 100 consecutive push-ups in just seven weeks. The beauty of the plan is its simplicity; the workouts are easy to follow and no special training tools are required. Push-ups can be performed no matter where you are and, best of all, they are completely free—no expensive equipment or annual gym fees required! The classic push-up has survived the test of time, and is the single most efficient exercise...
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