Push and Pull Factors of Immigration

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  • Published: November 30, 2010
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One country’s flaw could attract a person to another country, people tend to look for certain characteristics in one country that theirs does not comprise of, and one country’s push factor can be another country’s pull factor. Emigration is a personal choice, but defiantly there are reasons for everything, they could be as simple as wanting to experience something new, or they could be more complex such as living the life that one wanted but couldn’t have in their homeland or previous country, due to politics, religion, education or work. Push and pull factors are liable to overlap, the stronger factors that help make the choice for the majority of the people to migrate from one country to another are the political differences, religious freedom, education and the future, as well as labor. For example during the first half of the twentieth century Canada was the most preferable places to migrate to because it evoked more freedom, and opportunity to those with a poor life. Very similar to today people leave their homeland for a better life, the conditions in their country could be very pitiful, their present and future are being destroyed, and their life becomes cautious. A push factor which most choices revolve around is the political factor, because politics is the most powerful characteristic about a country, and it controls how we live, people just can’t handle their lives with appalling politics so they are rather being pushed away by it, and another country with a more preferred political view is pulling us.

Dictatorship is probably the most controlling type of government, where the population does not play an important role, and have no say in political choices. The country as whole is controlled by one group with fixed power. A simple definition of this political government is Dictatorship is a government that can be defined as those countries prohibited by authoritative, absolute leaders. Some countries with that type of government are North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Cuba, and Iran, just to name a few.

So there is this population of people whose voice cannot be heard, especially a country like Korea where there is a population of approximately twenty-three million people, and they do not possess the freedom of speech, instead this massive population is controlled by Kim-Il Sung and his son Kim Jong-il.

What happens is that the population, does not like having the same ruler for all their life, they do not like a dictatorship government, where they carry no voice, they are basically a mass of people with very little importance to the government. People living in a country like this date it, they prefer to make a choice on government and give a voice that would count to something, and in a dictatorship country that becomes impossible.

So these people start to migrate to much freer countries, countries where their voice be heard such as Canada, the United States, countries that are democratic. Anyone would prefer living in a country where they can choose the life which they want, rather than living in a country where you are forced to live a certain life, and so the push and pull factor regarding government becomes very clear. A push factor is a dictatorship where one is being controlled mentally, while a pull factor is democracy where you choose your path, you choose a better life. Another big issue that affects people’s lives majority is war, whether it is genocide, or revolutionary, people have that fear in them. Wars often scare people off to another country, because they start thinking twice about their safety, and the future of the country. It is the weaker countries which we see today such as Afghanistan and Iraq who are being thrown into war, or being attacked, these countries are not attacking back, they do not hold the power to attack the country, or defend their own.

People are kind of rushed away from political problems like this, people tend to ask for peace, and unfortunately for...
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