Pursuit of Happiness (the Movie)

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  • Published : May 29, 2012
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In class we watched the movie The Pursuit Of Happyness. We are discussing what Pursuit of happiness is in life and also in the movie. Also what achievement and attainment happened in the movie. And as well as what achievement is in life and attainment. There are many ways do discuss happiness.

Happiness is state well being characterized by emotion ranging form contentment to intense joy. In the movie the pursuit of happiness Will Smith is left with his son and struggles to get by day to day with him. Through all of that Will Smith is still managed to be a happy person. In the movie he tries to get a job and became a professional endeavor with out having no education. He worked so hard that he finally got the job and was the happiest moment for him. Happiness in life is for me is something that’s makes everything better in life and makes you feel joy.

In the movie what Pursuit of happiness means is achieve something you never thought you could. To always believe in your dreams and never give up. To work hard in what you want in life even when your told you cant. For me pursuit of happiness is achieving what you always wanted and also work hard for it. And never listen to someone that tells you cant.

Achievement in the Pursuit of happiness was Will Smith achieved what he wanted. He got the job he dreamed of. He came from nothing to becoming somebody important. An achievement for me is doing something you work hard for. And not giving up on your dreams.

In conclusion the movie The Pursuit Of Happiness means all of this things. Happiness is a state well being characterized by emotion ranging form intendment to intense joy. Next not giving up and in your dreams and working hard for it. Also not letting anyone putting your dreams down. Also letting no one telling you cant do it.
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