Pursuit of Happiness

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Pursuit of Happiness
Antoinette Rosemin
February 24, 2013
Axia College of the University of Phoenix

Pursuit of Happiness
Individual all over the world have their own meaning of Happiness. Every culture has there on meaning and way of what happiness means to them. Happiness all depends on a person’s traditions, religions, and ways of living. For some, happiness could be waking up every morning spending time with family and friends and for others it could mean being loyal to their country, making money, and having nice things. Each and every person has their own perspective on happiness. It’s important to realize and note that the way of happiness is portrayed its difference. People normally portray happiness with the perfect family setting, having a good job, and being wealthy and no one has any problems and everyone looks happy. This is what you would call a stereotype of what happiness looks like. Studies have shown that when you asks an American what is happiness or what makes you happy, people normally response is finishing school, finding and getting a job, providing and making sure their family is good, getting married, and or being successful. This would conclude that in American culture, it is more self-determination, looking out for their wellbeing, getting to know them and reaching for their own goals, positive self. The factors were the main target of what happiness means to each different people. According to Steve R. Baumgardner and Marie K. Crothers (2009), 27% of people want to help others, those that are in need, serving their country, the other 47% said simply being happy no matter what they did make them happy because of to them happiness is there to be shared with others, as well as their own selves, and the material things are just a small part of their happiness. Being happy, having a positive attitude, and feeling good about the self are central values in American culture. The pursuit of happiness is described in the...
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