Pursuit of Happiness

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Pursuit of Happiness
Positive Psychology
Magdalena Zalewska
University of Phoenix

This reading talks about happiness. In addition, it mentions the many factors that contribute to a person’s happiness as well. For example, personal choice, personal freedom, success, confidence, and positivity all play a part in our life. Most importantly, every individual has a different view about happiness. For instance, our culture shapes our views and morals. Therefore, this allows us to live different lifestyles that satisfy our wants and needs. To demonstrate, American culture is compared to the Asian culture.

Keywords: MLK

Pursuit of Happiness
American culture has always gone hand I hand with the almighty dollar, which is why money has such an importance in Western culture, although not everyone will agree. One thing Americans value above all else is our freedom. From Christopher Columbus to MLK and onto modern era protestors, America was built on freedom for all from oppression. In 1492, the pilgrims arrived to a new land searching for solace from England’s tyranny, thus, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights were signed and enacted to keep all Americans safe from suffering injustice ever again. America has been built by generations of immigrants thanks to the welcoming Statue of Liberty and her peaceful message. That sanctuary the immigrant sheltered himself in will ensure his prodigy of a free Country that allowed his father to build himself up. Individual freedoms are prized possessions in the Western world. Every day we hear about atrocities in third world countries and not one American can really picture what that might be like because our individual freedoms are protected with laws and regulations. The first Anglos to colonize America came here to get away from Governmental and religious oppression. The King did not allow other religions to be exercised within country lines leaving all others to abandon...
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