Pursuing a Higher Education

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  • Published : June 19, 2008
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The three main reasons that I decided to pursue a higher education are setting an example of my daughter, realizing the need for objective, fair and caring leadership, and higher earning potential for a better quality of life. Decision

Mays said, "Not failure, but low aim is sin.: This is the idea that has been instilled into the minset of my daughter for many years, demanding that mediocrity will not suffice. My daughter has high regard for my ideas and thoughts anf folows very closely to her mother's example. I reaized that I had thought about and voiced my desire to achieve a higher education, but had not proceeded in the direction of making it a reality. My lack of action had to be remedied for myself as well as for my daughter. The need for objective, fair and caring leadership is essential to the success of any business or organization. I have had the opportunity to observe leaders in my current position with a manufacturing company and with a part-time teaching position. Both positions have provided insight to positive and negative leadership scenarios. My observations and disdain for how negative leadership can escalate, not remedy, situations provoked me to seek professional leadership skills. Working environments are more diverse than ever and good leadership is paramount. I want to make sure that my leadership skills are professionally developed.

The cost of living has excalated substantially, but salaries have not increased at the same rate. The earned income from just a couple of years ago does not have the same buying power. This fact leads to individuals having to find ways to increase their earning power through seedking higher paying positions. For two years, I found myself with two jobs, which provided a substantial increase in earnings and fatigue. Working 11 hour days, four out of five days a week soon proved to be both tiring and unhealthy. A better alternative would be to pursue a better education which could lead to a better...
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