Pursuasive Speech Outline

Topics: Haiti, Government, Million Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Aujae Brizendine
Prof. Lee West
Speech 2-3:20

Topic: Haiti 2012: Why are half a million people still in camps? Organizational Pattern: Problem Solution
Specific Purpose: To persuade the government help is need in another place and action needs to be taken Primary Audience Outcome: I want the audience to notice there are others suffering more than themselves. It doesn’t hurt to lend a helping hand. Introduction: Two years on from the catastrophic earthquake which struck Haiti, killing more than 200,000 people and making millions more homeless, work to recover continues. Nearly a million people have now left the camps which sprang up after the disaster, a new Haitian Government has been sworn into power, and almost half of the 10 million cubic meters of debris has been cleared. On that note nearly half a million vulnerable people are still living under canvas, plagued by violence, rain, floods and the threat of eviction. Of those not living in camps, many still shelter in houses in need of repair or outright demolition. So there is a lot more to do. This afternoon I’m going to give you brief details on a few issues going on in Haiti revolving around the camps, and the living arrangements. Body

1) Haitian women’s safety from sexual abuse and harassment has increased greatly a) Women are the backbones to their families
i) While out to satisfy food, water, and shelter these needs the women are being harassed ii) Causing fear in these women their families are going hungry due to their safety iii) Mothers forced to leave their vulnerable daughters; young girls, pregnant as a result of rape. iv) These women are left helpless because they are homeless and the government can’t find room to get all families placed in a home 2) Vaccine shots have not been provided since the earthquake b) People are dying from sickness and unhealthy living arrangements c) The tents are worn and grungy from rain storms and...
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