Purpose of a Team

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  • Published : November 10, 2008
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Teams are defined as set of individuals who interact, interdependently and adaptively to achieve specified objectives. Teams are a very significant part of a business and can increase a business’s success rate if the team recognizes that together everyone achieves more. My learning team consists of various people with different personalities but similar characteristics. For instance my behavioral style assessment characterized me as an interactive style within the group impresser. Impresser traits include wanting to prevail but with flamboyance however you do not want win at the rate of another person’s feeling and taking shortcuts can be referred to as cheating. Several of my teammates were assessed as impressers meaning they exhibit some similar characteristics. The idea that many of my teammates have similar characteristics is a good and bad thing because the team may agree on several things because we see them similar. It may be a bad thing because the teammates with similar ideas may not want to compromise and our individual attitudes may create problems. Another teammate exhibited the characteristic of master mind which consist of being highly organized; wanting to enhance opportunities for individual accomplishments. The master minder is organized and develops many ideas but has little interest with executing those ideas. My plan of positive influence will focus around communication because effective communication can increase motivation, raise satisfaction, and enhance performance. Communication has been the rise and the downfall of many successful teams and businesses I plan to use communication to deal with the problems that may arise due to similar and contrasting personalities. Communication within my plan of positive influence will identify that you can never resolve a conflict by evading it. My plan for positive influence will focus around the self efficacy theory “which refers to an individual’s conviction that they are capable of performing a...
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